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Their happy days ended when Creon (pronounced KREE-ahn), the king of Corinth, offered Jason his daughter Glauce (pronounced GLAW-see) in marriage.Anxious to please the king, Jason abandoned Medea and prepared to marry Glauce.Aeetes had no intention of handing over the Golden Fleece but pretended that he would do so if Jason successfully performed a series of tasks.He was to yoke fire-breathing bulls to a plow, sow a field with dragons ' teeth, and then fight the armed warriors who grew from those teeth.Although she does not directly kill Pelias, she is responsible for his death by tricking the man's daughters into killing him as part of a magic ceremony.She is also responsible for the death of Glauce by way of a magically cursed gown, and for the attempted murder of Theseus by way of poison.Medea took her revenge by sending Glauce a poisoned wedding gown that burned her alive.By some accounts, before fleeing to Athens, she also killed the children she had borne to Jason.

Finally, Medea flees from Athens after her failed attempt to kill Theseus.

Medea brought Aeson back to life by boiling his remains in a pot with magical herbs.

In this way, she tricked Pelias's daughters into thinking that they could restore their father to youth by cutting him up and boiling him in a pot.

Pelias died a gruesome death, and the furious inhabitants of Iolcus drove out Medea and Jason.

The couple married and settled in Corinth, where they raised several children.

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