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Maui and it's neighboring islands are best seen from the air as the vast majority of each island is inaccessible from the ground.One of the best values on Maui is the active volcano air tour of Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii (the two largest Hawaiian islands) in one of Volcano Air Tours' comfortable, air-conditioned airplanes.Each passenger has their own large window in two abreast seating and a stereo headset for music and expert pilot narration.See Madam Pele's current activity at the world's most active volcano.This, combined with erosion of the islands once active volcanism stops, leads to a shrinking of the islands with age and their eventual submergence below the ocean surface.Importantly, the time over which various active volcanoes on the islands remain active is long (hundreds of thousands of years) so that significant overlap in ages occurs on neighboring islands.If you are staying on the South side of Maui, consider the late afternoon (romantic Hawaiian sunset) flight out of Kahului Airport Royal Pacific Air offers charter service for golfers and anyone who wants their own transportation to any of the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaiian volcanoes primarily erupt a type of rock known as basalt.

The age trend of the volcanoes is thought to be due to the way in which the islands are built on the moving sea floor of the North Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Ocean is mostly floored by a single tectonic plate (known as the "Pacific Plate") that is moving over the layer in the Earth known as the Asthenosphere.

With time, the volcanoes keep drifting westward and getting older relative to the one active volcano that is over the hot spot.

As they age, the crust upon which they sit cools and subsides.

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This movement takes it to the northwest compared to the layers below it at a rate of 5 to 10 cm/yr (the rate depends on where you are on it).

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