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Swirling around his formative years is the spectre of growing tensions between the colonial French and the native Algerians. it’s 1957 and things have nearly reached a boiling point.

One of his childhood acquaintances (I’d hardly call him a friend) is an Arab boy who reaches out to the Camus stand-in (Jacques Cormery) who reaches out to him with help for his own son who has been arrested in connection with terrorist bombings.

a first feature by Xu Haofeng is less action (though there is some) and more philosophical probing of the martial arts, and somewhat of a history lesson.

Directed by Tamae Garateguy in her first solo project, she (somewhat like Vaquero did) rips into the Argentinian film industry.

I was aware of her husband’s place in her struggle, but not to the extent shown here.

This is as much a film of a courageous woman as it is a love story.

There is a climactic scene in a Buenos Aires stadium that was a predictor of the future. Based on the last (unfinished) work of Albert Camus, it tells the story of a writer who returns to Algeria after several years of self-exile.

, Directed by Nancy Savoca, is the type of film that I usually shy away from. He returns to his home in Algeria, where his mother still resides.

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