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But I guarantee that there are plenty of people out there still hiding their screens as they test out , and who are less willing to share their enjoyment of it than they are to talk about the latest triple-A title.There are people who aren’t willing to test it out at all because they don’t think they are allowed to, or they think that - for some reason - dress-up games aren’t worthy.Both groups of children preferred a slimmer figure – but those who had played Dream Date Dress Up registered a ‘significantly’ greater preference for a thinner body than those who had played Penguin Diner.Dr Amy Slater, a senior research fellow at the University of West London, said the findings were concerning.So, what’s the real difference between racing games and dress-up games?As a kid, I played with cars and dolls in equal measure.In fact, I often played with cars and dolls simultaneously, despite Barbies being incredibly oversized for Hot Wheels.Despite this toy equality in my house, and my parents always telling me I was allowed to pick the ‘boys’ lucky dip at the fair if I was sick of receiving jelly bracelets, it wasn’t hard to notice the distinctive pink and blue aisles in the toy store.

However, a new study has shown that just 10 minutes playing on these games is enough to ‘significantly’ lower body confidence among young girls.So why doesn’t masculinity allow men to feel comfortable playing dress-up games?And why are women mocked for enjoying themselves by playing games that are considered to be made for ‘ladies’? I love the outfits I get to choose from, and the models I get to put them on (which is one of the many benefits of being queer).I love the gender-bending fashion options in (despite recent updates seemingly removing it again, hopefully only temporarily).I love that I’m essentially still just playing versions of Dollz Mania years later, but now with strategies and objectives.

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