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And if you’re not on the same page, consider if you’re OK with that.

“If there's any hesitation after asking yourself these questions, think about why you’re hesitating,” Davis says. Though moving in together isn't permanent, it can sometimes seem like it is.

If it's something else, it’s worth thinking about and discussing with your girlfriend.” It may seem silly, but if you can’t see you and your significant other discussing who will take out the trash and who will be on dishwasher duty, you might not be ready to move in together.

“Ultimately, living together requires an understanding of each other’s perspective and expectations.

“To circumvent unnecessary conflict, couples should have a clear, open, and honest dialogue about expectations and roles As an alternative to fully cohabiting, many couples are spending three or more nights together a week and still maintaining their own homes, according to a University of Missouri-Columbia study.

But how can you possibly know when the time is “right”? But there isn’t one perfect length of time a couple should date before co-signing a lease, says Laurie Davis Edwards, relationship coach and founder of e Flirt.

“Moving in together is a milestone that moves your relationship farther into the future,” she says.

Kurt Gensheimer thinks the bicycle is man’s most perfect invention.

He firmly believes ‘singlespeed’ is a compound word.

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